GDS is a computer network that acts as a primary reservation tool for travel agents and tour operators. It helps the travel portal operators to access their shop data, compare reservations and enable service providers in the industry to carry out seamless transactions.

Importance of GDS

GDS is always going to be the most vital distribution channel for hotels, airlines and even car rental companies. In fact, GDS has become fundamental to the delivery of travel products in today’s world. To truly understand the importance of GDS, take a look at the following benefits offered by it.

  • Online travel agencies are now able to offer a vastly improved experience for travel shoppers thanks to GDS. With it, agencies now offer increased convenience and even pricing transparency for consumers.
  • Through the GDS, travel agents can enjoy a global platform with robust market penetration to conduct their business.
  • GDS offers the perfect platform for connecting to corporate clients all over the world.
  • Travel agencies who want to attract international travelers will need to use GDS. After all, it offers the most effective method. For this reason, the use of GDS is rising exponentially among agents every year.
  • A major benefit of GDS is its ability to offer status updates in real time. As such, agents are able to view and track all changes as soon as they take place. This allows them to suggest and offer the latest statuses to their clients without any delays whatsoever.
  • Through the GDS, travel agents can access new audience segments that were untapped and unreachable before. Travel agents can easily increase their reach to corporate or even international travelers with ease with a larger range of offerings. The increased range can bring in more profitable business for the agents.
  • GDS makes it easier to offer package deals as it brings together multiple service providers in an intuitive interface. Travel agents can easily and rapidly modify and update packages to meet the specific needs of their customers. In addition, agents are able to offer better rates, which increases customer satisfaction.

Know a few of the most popular GDS in the Travel Industry

Amadeus GDS: Amadeus ranks as the market leader as more than 40% of the travel agencies use GDS systems. This GDS is linked with fight bookings rather than hotels. But Amadeus GDS makes themselves available for multi travel products therefore, they help travelers looking for hotels or accommodations, travels, car rentals, confirmation of ferries and cruises, sightseeing and more.

PAYMAX as a travel portal Development Company looks into integrating travel portals with Amadeus Software. We customize the travel portals, online flight or hotel booking system with perfection and do not compromise with the features.

Travelport GDS: Founded in 2001 Travelport Worldwide offers founded in 2001. Travelport GDS offers a travel commerce platform, looking into travel distribution, payment, mobile travel product reservation, and much more for the global tourism industry. The company generated US$ 2,454 million in travel commerce platform revenues. Travel companies looking for an advanced airline reservation system can benefit from Galileo GDS. Galileo Global Distribution System was bought by Travelport in 2006.

What is the future of the Global Distribution System?

The Global Distribution System (GDS) has been an innovation for airline operators. The future market of GDS with an increased focus on technology and a seamless booking experience for end-users. The GDS market will keep growing on an above-average pace from 2019 to 2027 irrespective of challenges like the Direct sales channels, high filtration rates o smartphones, and much more.

GDS has always strives hard to bridge the gap between tour operators and travelers but in the future, they will opt to provide centralized services and cover airline ticketing car rentals, cruise booking more efficiently. In the air travel industry, LCCs low-cost carriers have increased their market shares, which in turn has increased demand for air travel by offering low dare rates. The ability of GDS to simply the complex bulk flight booking has attracted more and more LCCs.

With GDS the operators are being able to offer comparison reports on travel expenses for their businesses. Therefore, if GDS continues to grow with time, it is will certainly rule the travel industry.

PAYMAX takes the initiative to connect travel businesses with the top Global Distribution system. Being in the travel industry for years we provide seamless and flexible travel portal development for our clients. Most importantly we suggest GDS and travel API integration according to the requirements.

PAYMAX is a one-stop destination serving a vast range of travel products and services from the world’s leading GDS to the domestic and international clients.

Therefore, do not waste any more time, take advantage of our travel portal API Integration services to get a large global inventory from multiple GDS systems, Low-Cost Carriers (LCCs) and accommodation providers.

PAYMAX through GDS and XML/ API Integration helps clients to easily expand their business in the global market.

Our developers are experienced to work with major GDS providers and travel consolidators. In fact, they have already integrated numerous projects with Amadeus GDS, Travelport / Galileo GDS, Sabre GDS in airline reservation system, hotel room reservation system, car rentals, and other travel sector services.

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