How to advertise your product/service on Amazon?

How to let people know you are in the market and ready to sell a product which can solve a problem they are facing? We will talk about these and others secrets on how social media marketing can increase the visibility and sales of your Amazon website business.

“Marketing is no longer about products you sell… but about the stories you tell.”

In a world where information spreads faster than ever before, people’s average attention span decreased 4 seconds in the last 13 years, according the National Centre for Biotechnology Information. So you need to get people’s attention in a much more effective way.

How to do that? Keep in mind 3 concepts: Content Attraction, Social Engagement and Sales Conversion.

For a clear understanding, we are going through 6 steps that will help your Amazon business engage in a better way through social media marketing.

1. Website

The website is at the first topic because, as we know, it is one of the most important part of your Amazon business. Take care of your website.

For a successful Amazon business website you should remember some important stuff that your website must have including a good design, clear navigation, great content, mobile responsiveness, a clear call to action, a story page / About us , contact info with phone number, chat option and an organic search ranking.

Try to avoid pop-ups. In addition, be careful about how to ask for information from people, for example “Join our mailing list”. People can get bored and possibly leave your website.

One good way to start is creating content that can be used as Social Media Marketing. Certainly, you have already heard about some of these concepts including Keyword Research. Content Research – “What people like to read about?”, Content Writing, Graphic Design. You also also need to promote and share your content.

Alright, if you do not have a website because your Amazon business never needed one, one idea is to have your domain name send people straight to Amazon. In the meanwhile you can put content to attract more people. If people you trust you  then they will buy from you.

According to research, there was 9% decrease in people buying from a shop store who land on the website before they go to Amazon to buy the product. Consequently, you will increase your traffic, build a loyal community and get more Click-Through-Rate (CTR), Sales and Ranking.

Creating a blogging section on your website gives you the opportunity to tell your clients about your expertise and how reliable you are. Therefore, you will build trust. According to a study make by Universal McCann, when writing on your blog once a week you get 72% more leads on average.

2. Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

If everything is working well on your Amazon website, it is time to jump to the next step: SEO

There are two types of SEO investment:

  • Financial investment: How much money are you investing in content creation, acquiring backlinks, doing on-page SEO or anything that is costly in an attempt to gain more organic search traffic. Anything that is revolving around SEO where money is being spent that needs to be tracked.
  • Time investment: Time is the most overlooked aspect of your business. There is a considerable time investment when it comes to implementing a real SEO campaign. It’s critical for you to track and calculate the time spent and invested in an SEO campaign. The time can be based on creating new content and time you are contributing to acquire backlinks. These are things that need to be tracked because it’s going to help you determine whether SEO is a proper channel for your Amazon business. It’s essential for everyone to follow both of these figures. If you just track the financial, it’s going to be very skewed. You are not getting the full picture. When you follow both, you are going to get an overview of how effective SEO actually is for your business.

Now, how to get free and organic traffic?


Approximately, 82% of people are still clicking at the free organic results in a Google Search, compared to just 18% who click at the Ads (PPC).

A website ranked at 1st position in Google gets around 20.5% of people’s click, however, at the 9th position gets just 5.5% of the total clicks.

Alright, considering that you want to rank on Google. How do we do that?

The 3 keys to master Google’s Algorithm are:

1. Your website

Keys to success; Quality content, usability, people’s interest on your website. Also, how you are interacting with people as your social media marketing strategy to attract them to your Amazon brand management. We already talked how important this is.

2. User statistics (Google Analytics)

If your website is not good enough and people stay only for a few seconds it will affect your rank on Google. For example, if the average session duration in the Google Analytics is below 10 second you should be worried.

Keywords: Write content using primary, secondary and related keywords.

If you are using your website on WordPress, consider the Yoast plug-in. It will lead you to increase your readability as well as suggesting keywords based on the content you write. In addition, it will advise you about your meta title and meta description.

Some good places to do your keyword research are Adwords keyword planner, and .

3. Authority (Backlinks)

Authority means how other relevant website have mentioned your website in their content.

The first thing you can do is log in to Once you are in there, type your target URL in the search bar under the site’s name. We recommend you use your root domain because it leads to the most accurate search.

Never buy links! As a result for buying links most of your backlinks will come from lower authority websites. There are a lot more of these types of sites compared to the higher authority ones. It is necessary to get links from the higher ranges because those are going to be the most powerful. Also, the location of your backlinks is a good metric to analyze your performance. If you are a seller from United States, links from Western Europe and Asia do not make sense for you. Remember: The key is not about the amount of your backlinks, but the quality of them.

You have to remember that AHREFS is nothing more than a crawler, so you are not going to have historical data for your website at the beginning. They will start storing data from the time they started crawling your site.

3. Search Engine Advertising – SEA

In SEA, we are talking about money that you invest to put your product at the top for buyers. However, the important thing here is that if you do not have a high Quality Score on Google, you will pay far more than you competitors with better Quality Scores.

Google has 2 metrics to determine where your ad will be ranked. The Ad Rank gives the best position for the ad with the best combination of Quality scores & CPC bid. The Quality Score is a measure of how relevant your ad is to the user’s search query and your CPC Bid is the maximum bid selected for each keyword in an ad group.

Some key features will contribute to your Quality score such as your historical performance, Click-Through- Rate (to buy a product), keyword relevance and landing page relevance.

4. Social Media Marketing


Create a strategy asking yourself questions like “Who is my client?”, “What makes me different from others?”

Research your audience. Find the best bloggers, hashtags, trends that matches your Amazon website.


As you should know, Facebook is a massive platform to spread your brand to people who can become your clients in the future.

“The New York Times had it that – nearly half of American adults rely on Facebook as a news source”.

Facebook has 2 Billion monthly active people, which means far more than the second place Whatsapp with 1.3 Billion people interacting on the platform.

First of all, we need to understand how Facebook works. How can we been noticed on the platform?

A good start will be looking at Facebook’s algorithm.

News Feed Visibility = Interest X Post X Creator X Type X Recency


Interest means the interest of the user.

Post is the post performance among other users.

Creator is the performance of past posts by the content creator among other users.

Type is the kind of post (status, photo, link) user prefers.

Recency is how new is the post.

In other words, you will be noticed if you provide value. Your audience will follow you, they will talk about you, and eventually they will spend their money with you.

Now we know what they are looking for, let’s talk about what our posts are.

Post 80% value, life experience, inspirational quotes, balancing your posts among videos, pictures and blog posts.

Interact with your fans. Ask questions. Run a poll.

Post quality content on a regular basis. Friends and fans will not become customers overnight without consistent interaction with your business on social media channels. Therefore, it will lead your Amazon business to organic  paid traffic. The advantage is huge.

Try to go viral, Claim authority, Get leads.

How long does your content last from different platforms?

Blog: 2 yrs

YouTube: 20 days

LinkedIn: 24h

Instagram: 21h

Facebook: 5h

Twitter: 18 minutes

The mistake made by 90% of all Amazon business is they post straight way early in the morning, usually when they start the day. However, the people are most on-line in the afternoon and in the evening. So, there is a good chance that your post disappears before peak time.

Best time to post:

Facebook: 1pm to 4pm (avoid between 8pm to 8am)

Twitter: 1pm to 3pm

Google+: 9am to 11am

LinkedIn: 7am to 9am or 5pm to 6pm

We will talk more about more social media marketing platforms such as Instagram in further posts.

5. Communicate

We need to be aware about our reputation through the Social Media channels. As we create content, more people will talk about us. Sometimes it is good, or unfortunately, it can be bad. Search for tools that help to control black list words and blacklist comments.

According to research, people are changing their preferences about how to be contacted by customer service companies. The results show that 56% of people would rather a message than call from customer service.

In addition, more than 50% of people say they are more interested in buying a product from a company they cannot message.

Facebook messenger is growing at a fast pace. Automated services can be used through their platform. You can start to deliver personalized content experiences, answer common customer service questions and product launches. Do not miss out this opportunity and look into it sooner rather than later.

6. Offline

What is our job offline and how do we approach the whole process ?

We can call it as Social Media Marketing Process. It is made up of 4 parts.

  • Attract. Research useful and interesting trending topics. Plan ahead for important dates including Black Friday, Christmas, etc. Define your target, where do you want to get your audience?
  • Engage. Create content, post photos, videos. Up date your blog.
  • Convert. Sales.
  • Retain. Share through email, newsletter. Keep your visibility, brand awareness and your Amazon website traffic high.