Travel Agents or tour operators or travel management companies looking forward to establishing your travel business into a brand, you must INTEGRATE your website or portal with establishing API provider for the most competitive inventory of flights, hotels booking, car rental booking, cruise reservation and vacation packages available to the customers.

The main advantage of having an affiliate program is based on performance. Through affiliate programs sponsored by famous travel, companies will help you to provide your customers with a large amount of global inventory but it will also help you draw in profits at a very low cost. Here are some of the most well known global affiliate programs.

1) Expedia: Expedia is probably the biggest name Affiliate Network that guides travellers find the best hotels, flights and vacation packages. Why agents like Expedia is it provides 5% commission and lets the agents earn a further 50% commission on each hotel reservation. Expedia enables customers to check ratings and the amazing reviews of the accommodation and then go ahead with the booking. As an affiliate partner, you should access the Expedia’s Affiliate centre and view the details. Once you cross the $50 mark you get paid once a month.

2) Affiliate marketing: is a famous travel company specializing in hotel reservations. does not cost any extra charges rather offers unbeatable prices from their portal. Though it charges the accommodation partners registered with them it is a very small fee. With a record of offering to earn huge profits, you can easily get yourself registered on affiliate program. The commission rates start from up to 24% up to 40% varying upon the number of bookings made from your website.

3) Viator: Viator sponsors large activities and sightseeing, not only that they also sell activities from your website. When you plan to start the affiliate marketing with Viator you can easily use it as widgets, banners and links on your travel portal. If the customer books hotels, travels, sightseeing tour from the link mentioned in your website you get paid. The commission rate of Viator is 5% commission once you get a minimum payment of $100 for a cheque and $50 for EFT. Use popular widgets to generate more traffic and each successful sale means more commissions. Viator allows customers to browse and book thousands of attractions, transfers, and sightseeing tours in more than 75+ countries. More than 450 destinations across the world are attached with Viator. Therefore, get yourself connected with Viator.

4) TripAdvisor: With the affiliate program of TripAdvisor travel agents or tour operators can get access to 5000000 hotels, millions of ratings and compare the prices. TripAdvisor makes it easy for customers to compare, book and search through your website. TripAdvisor pays based on how much quality traffic you redirect to the website. Earn almost 50% commissions on the revenue generated when your customers click on the commercial links on your website. Get a wide range of advertising options like the text-links, banners, widgets, buttons and badges. Additional incentives are also provided when the travel agent draws in a certain volume of traffic to the website. Average click rate is $.15 to $.75 per click-out. The commission monitoring and tracking are available 24/7 but you must in the Commission Junction to update sales and commissions daily.

5) Dohop has won several World travel awards and offers services like the flight and car rentals. For each booking, they offer a healthy amount of 5 EUR on every. The meaning of Pay per click is very simple and means that pay one every click so you can understand, how much you can each if a customer clicks multiple times. The benefit of partnering with Dohop is you can earn commissions along with that you can easily invite a lot of traffic to your website.

6) In case you want an affiliate on the cruises CruiseDirect affiliate marketing programs to get you paid commission on every booking made through the website. Any new websites offer travel businesses can work as our affiliate partners. Application is confirmed within 24 hours and the register gets 3% commission on every booking. Once the suppliers receive the payment you get paid.

7) Hotels Combined: Hotels combined affiliate program guides customers to get access to a huge hotels inventory, check availability, compare rates and check on the premium travel sites on your website. Not only that you can easily drive in more customers through the API integration. Travel agents can increase their inventory with the travel agent’s and increase profits. The affiliate program provides $1 to $4 per click as you can earn multiple times one particular customer. Hotels combined provide free customized solutions for your apps too.

8) Priceline Partner network: A premier destination for the hotels, flights, car rentals, vacation packages Priceline Partner Network affiliate program brings customizable plans for every partner’s requirements. Earn over 3% commission on the hotel, flights, car bookings, which can extend up to 7% on various car rentals and packages on vacations.

Team India Web Design believes that the Affiliate programs are the easiest way to increase your inventory or to connect with other agencies. Moreover, you can earn more commissions with every fulfillment of bookings.

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