Travel portals and Online booking tools needs to pull data from multiple data sources. These may be GDS data as well as Non-GDS data and some may be using Web Services and others maybe on API or XML model. This makes the application not stable and scalability is always a headache.

Our team of designers came up with a unique GDS & Non-GDS  XML-API Travel Gateway that will allow the integration of data from GDS like Galileo, Amadeus, Sabre, World Span etc and also Non-GDS carriers like Ryan Air, JetBlue, BMI etc. Non-flight components like Hotels, Cars, Transfers, Sightseeing, Hostels, Insurance etc can also be integrated using this.

Digital Marketing

We gain valuable insights for our clients. We have a measurable approach to improving our clients competitiveness, visibility and digital engagement. We use enterprise level analytics tools and marketing dashboards to aggregate data and provide valuable actionable insights for businesses and brands.

We generate high levels of awareness, engagement and conversions within targeted audiences and integrate online and offline marketing strategies to drive footfall as well as digital marketing and engagement across social media channels.

International Brand Management

Companies, organizations and brands are constantly having to adjust to the the market. The current retail market is turning their attention to online platforms. Certain platforms are having a lot of success online like Amazon and Alexa.

Brands and marketing managers are struggling to sell their products on these competitive platforms. It is very specialized and you need a team of people to sell online. Competition is fierce due to easy entry. The ability to source, sell, distribute and market products has never been easier due to the internet. We offer International Amazon brand management services, so that your company can stay lean and focused on what they do best, making a great product at a great price.

Online Strategy

Well prepared to fight

Tailored to your organization

It is important to have a dot on the horizon. A plan for both the short and the long term to achieve your goals. A good digital strategy can no longer be missed today at a company that takes itself seriously and that has online ambitions. We regularly see that companies have not set up a solid online strategy, do not have much insight into who their target group is and what objectives must be achieved. If you want to be successful online, it is important to make the right choices and to set priorities and focus. Sustainable growth is only possible with a clear strategy and a concrete plan of approach.

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